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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
WebTrainer will protect the privacy of her users. All sensitive private information which is provided by you, is part of this Privacy Statement. WebTrainer will exert in all fairness to take care confidential with this information and use it only for efforts as defined in the subjoined Privacy Statement. WebTrainer is working in accordance with the Dutch Privacy law.

General data from the visitors of the website of WebTrainer will be recorded. The main goal of this is to optimize the furniture of our website. In general are these data not able to trace back to a single person. If a WebTrainer subscription is examined, WebTrainer needs some information, as name and e-mail. We can use this information to inform you as participant about new products and services and those of business partners and other information which can be useful for the use of the site. WebTrainer will not provide any of this information to others without permission of the participant, except if via this third party a subscription is obtained and if the law this requires.

Storage of data
The data which is provided by you to WebTrainer will be saved in a secured database. The link between your browser and the database will pass over a protected link (Secure Sockets Layer), so your data is coded and not readable when it is spread over the internet. The spaces were the database and webservers are placed are also physically secured.