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WebTrainer Coach 4

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  Cycling Minimal months Initial
Adjustments Coachtime
cart_put Order help WebTrainer Coach 4 3 months € 49,- € 159,- 4 times a month 3.5 hours per month

For who?

  1. You are a runner or cyclist, who wants to give everything to achieve good results. You are participating at races or challenges were performance is most important.
  2. Your competition program or busy daily life requests a weekly adjustment of the schedule.
  3. You are searching for a personal trainer who motivates you in personal telephone contact and who is looking carefully for good solutions when a sheme must be adjusted to your training progression, or if you, due to circumstances, are not able to execute your schedule.
  4. You are aware ofyour strongest and weakest points and you want that your coach adapt to that: the most effective training sessions have to be found for you and have to be fit in to your schedule.
  5. You appriciate it that your coach gives advice to you during the composement of the optimal agenda with (training) races or challengers, and gives you advice in the field of nutrition and the best strategie during races or challengers.

What do you get?

The trainingschedule.
The trainingschedule will be composed by a experienced coach on the basis from your current form, the available training time and your traininggoal. The training sessions will be planned at the days which are defined by you. The coach will advise you how your weakest points can be improved and together a strategie will be determined and processed in the schedule. Besides, the coach will advice you in the composement of an agenda with preparation races or -challengers.

Adjustment from the scheme to your development
You notice the executed training sessions in a personal logbook. Adjustment of the trainingschedule takes part once a week. The training sessions from the previous week will be evaluated via telephone contact between the athlete and the coach. On base of this conversation and an analysis from the information filled in by the athlete in the logbook, the coach will make a new schedule for the next week, with respect to the new wishes for the next week with relation to the available training time. The coach will learn which training sessions will have the expected effect to the athlete and which training sessions are less effective, therefore the coach will give in the future more apply to the training sessions who are more effective.

Every week, you can, during the evaluation conversation, tell the coach if your available training time is changed. This is also possible in the mean time, the coach will adjust the schedule so the training sessions will match to your training time.

The coach has 3.5 hours per month coaching time for your availability. He will spend that time to the evaluation of the trainingschedule in the weekly telephone conversation and at replying from questions about the executed training sessions. Besides, the coach will give you advice in the composement of an optimal agenda with preparation races or -challengers to be in topcondition at the right time. There are also oppurtunities for advice in the field of nutrition, material and the best strategies during races and challengers.

At all Webtrainer-packages you get:

  • A personal trainingspage with a personal username and password.
  • A clarifying displayed trainingschedule, were you can see directly in which period you have to train intensive, and when you must not, due to colors who correspondent with the intensity of the training.
  • A logbook were you can notice the executed training sessions, and important values as morning pulse, the recovery from the previous training and your personal comment on the development of the training.
  • Excess to trainingsgraphs, which shows the values that you filled in in your log book in one overview.
  • Excess to the library for the website, with articles about training and nutrition.
Webtrainer is for cyclist with different levels, from cyclo participant till world class athletes who wants to win a race. The basic version of Webtrainer (Webtrainer Sport) is effective for cyclists who make their own decisions when choosing trainingsgoals and in executing different forms of training, also without help of personal contact with a coach. Do you want personal assistance by making a good decision? Please contact us.